You also get invites to our secret Facebook groups on various topics like Relationships, Dating, Depression, Life Coaching Forum, etc. In this live community, you can engage with John and the rest of his Catalyst Life Coaches / therapists, and begin to work on your personal growth with a community of people committed to the very same journey. It’s pretty amazing what is going on inside.

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“Thanks and thanks for making this available to us. Can’t believe I’m getting all of this great information! Love your words and inspiration xxoo”
– Roxanne Meek
“I just wanted offer feedback that a month membership fee is more than worth it for inspiring, life-giving content such as this. I don’t have the energy to log into the member website, as I teach and offer spiritual counseling online in additional to hospice chaplaincy and a full personal life, but these e-updates remind me I’m living and being on target every single week and help me ease back on groove when I’m slightly off kilter.
Living from the inside out is a choice, and the dying people I visit see right through bullshit. They don’t have time for it, literally. Living a life of integrity, doing so much that I love, I don’t either. So again, Thank you for making my world (again).”
– Melissa Roberts
“Can I just say, joining this no-nonsense group has been the best! I’m slowly working through my depression, and repairing my relationship with my partner thanks to the daily emails of support I receive. Those email are not the usual kind of “therapy” shit but more relatable , real-life, kick up the arse one needs. Thank you!”
– Osteokp

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Akira Back Restaurant will have a seating capacity of up to 180 seats and a bar capacity of around 16 stools. Reservations will be accepted for the dining room areas; however the bar seats will be designated for a walk-in only policy.

Here is a peek at some of the secret Facebook groups included with membership: