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Team Angry Member, Lindsay Burke is making parenting videos for you guys.  The first series, “Terrible Two’s… Are Not So Terrible.

Understanding how your toddler thinks

The facts and myths of toddlerhood

Love-based discipline for your toddler

Stopping those tantrums quickly!

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!…( Eating, Sleeping, and Potty Training, Oh my!)

Biting, hitting and your sweet toddler…

Another workshop is “Parenting Together”:

Building safety and trust in your spouse and their parenting style

Communicating in ways you know you will be understood

Strenthening your parental alliance of values and family structure

Resolving conflicts…with kids around

Examining relationship and parenting patterns that just don’t work anymore

Creating family traditions!

Parenting together with love and empathy

A little about her from her own words.

If you would like to give some background information about me:  I was a in-home, round-the-clock nanny for over 6 years, conducted behavior interventions in homes with families for 2 years (super-nanny style!) and have worked with children and families in the school, clinical, hospital and home settings for over 15 years.  I can provide support, looking at your child from all angles:  the school’s perspective, the therapist’s perspective, the doctor’s perspective and yours, as a parent.  After working with hundreds of families, and thousands of children, I have learned what really works (and quit wasting my time with the methods that don’t!).  Let me share these tricks of the trade and hope a couple work for you!

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