Episode 14:

Getting Over Someone Isn’t Always Easy

Released Apr 10, 2017

John Kim and Gabi Conti tackle the big topics and take listener questions. Should you ruin a good friendship over attraction to that person? How do you deal with your parents' expectations for your life? What's the best way to move on and get over someone?

Episode 13:

Body Image and Self Love (ft. Maddy Moon)

Released Mar 27, 2017

John Kim and empowerment coach Maddy Moon go deep on body image, self love, feminine and masculine energy and a whole lot more in this special episode.

Episode 12:

Making The Best of Breakups

Released Mar 17, 2017

Gabi and John take a listener question and discuss the ins and outs of long distance relationships, dating and so much more.

Episode 11:

Long Distance Lovers

Released Mar 10, 2017

Gabi and John take a listener question and discuss the ins and outs of long distance relationships, dating and so much more.

Episode 10:

Having and Not Having Sex with Buddy Wakefield

Released Feb 10, 2017

Gabi and John start with a bang (or lack therof!) and talk to accomplished poet Buddy Wakefield about celibacy, the power of authenticity, dirty dreams, Buddy's experiences with meditation as a guiding light, and so much more. Wakefield also shares one of his newest poems with us. You can find more about Buddy Wakefield here: www.buddywakefield.com

Episode 9:

Friends With Benefits and What Values Guide You?

Released Jan 24, 2017

Gabi and John hit the phones right away with a tough call from a listener -- What to do if your partner doesn't like your friends? Gabi dishes on a recent relationship and unfollows people live on air, John and Gabi discuss their deeply held values and more.

Episode 8:

Ask a Celebrity Trainer (ft. Pieter Vodden)

Released Dec 28, 2016

Fitness, health, exercise and eating better -- as we head into 2017, Gabi and John sit down with celebrity trainer Pieter Vodden to ask him your questions and hopefully get a better understanding of cheat meals, proper nutrition and how to really excel at fitness.

Episode 7:

Two Therapists Talk Relationships (ft. Megan Bruneau)

Released Dec 07, 2016

John and guest Megan Bruneau talk healthy relationships, being open, the dangers of closing yourself off, how to commit, when the right time is to leave a relationship, figuring out what you want, surviving breakups and how to get to know yourself.

Episode 6:

Soulmates and Sex Addiction (ft. Erin Mallory Long and Sean Cardinalli)

Released Nov 23, 2016

Are soulmates even real? What does a healthy relationship look like? What are the ins and outs of sex addiction and love addiction? What to do when you get a bad therapist? Plus classics like rants/raves and the word of the week.

Episode 5:

Chasing vs. Attracting and Dating Fabio (ft. Anika Reitman)

Released Nov 03, 2016

What separates the men from the boys? Is it worth it to put yourself out there? Gabi and John discuss unconventional dates, ignoring the red flags in a relationship, and the biggest thing to block potential. And for pete's sake -- what's it like to date FABIO?

Episode 4:

False Intimacy and Dating Co-Workers (with Annabelle Desisto of Adderall and Compliments)

Released Oct 21, 2016

What's up with dating a co-worker? What standards should women and men have in relationships? What's the deal with sex on the first date and false intimacy?

Episode 3:

Toxic Relationships and The Power of Attraction

Released Oct 06, 2016

Why can't anyone commit? What's up with staying too long in a toxic relatsch? Is the power of attraction real or nonsense?

Episode 2:

What Does it Look Like to Love You?

In this episode of their live call in show, John Kim (theangrytherapist.com) and Gabi Conti (@itsgabiconti) are at it again -- dishing out great advice and offering up their own experiences as they discuss what it looks like to love them, relationships, choosing a partner, the friend zone, the paradox of choice and the epidemic of emotional littering. 

Episode 1:

Bring your questions and leave with more.

Released Sep 13, 2016

It's our very first episode and live call in show! John Kim (theangrytherapist.com) is a professional therapist and Gabi Conti (@itsgabiconti) is well, slightly less qualified but filled with plenty of advice and opinions. What happens when the live calls start pouring in and it's time to give advice? A raucous collision of tried and true therapy mixed with frank, outspoken truth. As we always say -- Bring your questions and leave with more.


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