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Wednesday’s Rant and Revelations

Talkin’ shit. I used to do this lot. I noticed this week I rarely / never do this anymore. I have no desire to. I guess it means I like myself more these days.

I can’t stay home. I have to be out and about to be productive and happy. I think if TAT had an HQ one day, I will never be there.

Grass fed butter is better than milk in coffee. Confirmed this week.

The take away from Oprah’s Harvard commencement speech, posted by Catalyst Lindsay Burke. “You simply cannot demonize or vilify someone who disagrees with you, because as soon as you do that your discussion is over.” -Oprah

I finally get to cross off some bucket list shit. One – CrossFit with Chris Spealler. Two, go on the Wilderness Collective motorcycle adventure. I already put down payments down on both so fuck you inner critic. It’s on.

SHIFT is growing way faster than I ever imagined.

The key to life: Stop trying to grab life with two hands. Instead allow it to unfold organically, knowing that you will respond, not react, to situations and people with the best version of yourself (everything that’s made you who you are today) so that you don’t lose your center of gravity and all the work you’ve done on yourself. As long as you have that, you will be unstoppable.  It’s only when you lose your center that your potential crumbles.

The sky is not falling. Fact.

And finally, Matt Damon isn’t aging that well. But I would still rather be friends with Matt Damon than Mark Wahlberg, who is aging well.



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