Our preconceived notices of life are false and damaging. We have been lied to. The way we eat, love, exercise, and work are non refundable products we purchased before we could drive. Truth: bodies can be transformed. Hearts can heal. Addictions can be overcome. Love can be healthy. But a shift must happen. Perception must take a back seat as perspective gets behind the wheel. You must make a choice, a decision to cut yourself in half and start pulling from the new, fight your Pseudo and embrace your Solid. This is a state, a mindset, for some, a rebirth. This new way of life, one that requires transparency, stance, and building yourself a new container. The thing is we can not do it by ourselves. And that’s the greatest misconception about self help. We were never meant to do it alone. The answers are not in you. They are in us.

The Angry Therapist presents

A weekly online group to process any life shit you're going through.
Life transitions.
Break ups.
Come as you are.
Casual over clinical.
I've been running groups for nearly a decade. We are tribal creatures. Not meant to do life alone. Group work is a super afforable way to grow. To share stories and meet like minded people who will support your journey and make you accountable with your goals. This group is 100 percent live and runs for about an hour.
$60 per group.
Pay as your grow.
If you want in, email me at
Lock in your seat by sending payment via paypal to the email above.

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