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Welcome to The Angry Therapist.

The Angry Therapist is John Kim, a licensed marriage and family therapist and life coach. For the past six years, he and his movement of Catalyst Life Coaches have been leading a revolution in self-help and therapy which has helped thousands and is changing the world.

Join us and change the way we change.


Self-Help isn’t a topic.


Take it as
far as you want,
the journey is
up to you.

Here Are the Details:

The Angry Therapist.

Once you’re a member, you log in and click on the “I WANT A SESSION” button. Fill out our questionnaire so we get a better sense of where you’re at in your journey as well as your goals.

This is how we will find the Catalyst Life Coach that is best for you.

Have a Session with a Catalyst Life Coach.

Our coordinator receives your questionnaire, reads your goals, and connects you with who she believes will be the best life coach for you.

Our life coach will connect with you and set up your session. You can use Skype, phone, whatever you want.

Stay Connected.

Connect throughout the week through our secret forums and meet with other people who have similar goals or are going through the same transition you are.


You also get:
– All my eBooks for free.
– My blog post shot directly into your inbox.

It’s that easy!


Everyone Deserves a
Life Coach!

You need two things. The first is a map. And you can not create one on your own, because you see the world through your own lens. So you need someone who can give you new perspectives and fresh concepts and tools. A life coach can help you create that map. But life coaching can get expensive. I get it. Sessions are usually over a hundred dollars an hour. It can add up and suddenly growth and change is just an idea.

That’s why we’ve developed a brand new concept that’s never been done before.

Membership to The Angry Therapist gets you monthly session with a Catalyst Life Coach!

All participating life coaches are graduates of The Catalyst Life Coach Course.

They are TAT Certified Coaches. That means they’ve all gone thorough the 11 week training program, learning everything from trauma to depression to Positive Psychology, and of course, John Kim’s original concepts. They are also all supervised by senior coaches and attend monthly supervision.  So yeah, they’re pretty legit.

There’s a new way to change.
A cheaper and more effective way.



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