The greatest misconception of self help is that you're supposed to do it alone.


We are human beings. Flawed, struggling, full of chaos and contradictions. We use our stories and the wisdom we have gathered along the way to connect to others in a rare and authentic way. We are a growing team of coaches from all over the world with various disciplines who are fiercely passionate about helping others in unique ways.

We are therapists, life coaches, fitness coaches, athletes, yoga teachers, business experts, professors, bloggers, artists.

People doing life just like you. We believe in transparency and the unconventional. We're allergic to bullshit. We are dreamers. We believe in magic. We are catalysts.


We change lives.

You’ve never experienced support like this before. Feeling good is a practice, it must become your lifestyle. Every. Single. Day.

Our lifestyle includes a private community, groups for support any time or day, online programs, e-books, daily articles shot into your phone, video courses, individual / couples sessions accessible to you anywhere in the world via Skype or phone, and a unique one-of-a-kind life coaching course with our own methodology for people who would like
to become Catalysts.

Join the Lifestyle!

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Free 30 minute Skype or phone session with an assigned Catalyst. A great no-pressure way to meet for the first time and learn about their individual process as a coach and see if it works for you.

Join Groups and
Meet Our Community.

Have support in your pocket at all times with The Angry Therapist secret Facebook groups. Each invite-only Facebook groups is spearheaded by a trained Catalyst life coach, and we have a wide variety groups covering all the areas that you need.

Read Up with Free Books by
The Angry Therapist.

Free downloadable e-books & members-only articles by The Angry Therapist, and various discounts on merchandise and courses.

The "Redesign Your Life" video course is coming soon.

- Learn to build yourself a new container.
- Examine your thought patterns.
- Reduce your noise.
- Find your center of gravity.
- Includes a digital workbook.
- Free 3 month membership, which includes access to
all Angry Therapist secret FB groups.

Our Catalysts Create a Movement

Our trained life coaches are active in the forums, sharing their stories,
offering the most affordable sessions online, and acting as Catalysts in the lives of others.

Experience the Change
Our Catalysts are Making.

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of our talented Catalyst life coaches.




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