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A container is the space around us that either heals or harms, protects or infects. Safe containers promote growth. Cracked containers prevent it. Most of us have cracked containers. Cracks are formed from our story, abusive relationships, dysfunctional families, and life experiences that have caused us some version of trauma or pain. Building a safe container is the beginning of a better life.

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Your truth released. An honest raw look at self. Vulnerability. Letting go of shame. The Drawing board. You cannot build anything without first practicing transparency. Your solid self. Soil.

  • Pseudo Vs. Solid
  • Outside of Self
  • Two Types of Time
  • Decide What You Own


Finding voice. Drawing lines. Self alignment. Creating room for revelations. Connecting dots. The blueprint. Seeds.

  • Non-negotiables
  • Unlock Your Code
  • Stretch Bright Spots

New Container

Becoming. Reuniting with self. Building worth. Like pedaling a bike, practicing concepts in transparency and stance in your everyday life will keep your container safe and strong. Growth

Discovering the angry therapist was like winning the jackpot. The know that I am not the only one that things and feels this way allowed me to confidently build a new container and more on with my life, shedding all the fear and anger in pursuit that little flicker of a dream I've always guarded. Working with the Angry Therapist not only answers the questions ”What the F*** is going on“ but also gives you the resources you need to figure out how to solve the problem.
Jenn Gordon
I used to think of “therapy” as something I would go to for 50 mins once a week when I was struggling. Since finding this site, I have changed my entire outlook on mental health. It is a practice, one that must be exercised every single day, through strengthening positive persectives and learning to think in constructive ways that get me to where I want to go. Having access to helpful tools and a community of like minded people any time I need support has changed my life.
Alice Gray
I'm kind of shocked at my progress in just a few short months. The biggest thing that I have been helped with is finding my voice. When you find your voice, you stop talking shit. When you shot taking shit, you realize how good it feels and you stop taking even more shit. When people see that you won't take their shit, they either treat you differently (better) or they go away (this is actually a good thing).
John Kim is a modern day farmer. He tills the soils of hearts through his therapeutic approach so you can welcome a harvest of riches: transparency, authenticity, love, and truth. His book is good but that should just be the befinning. To truly gain from his wisdom, humor, and gentleness you must experience him
Sam Louie, M.A
Finding your site has helped me gain some much neede perspective into what I am calling the sweet struggles of this past year. I have learned so much about the nature of growth from you and the community.
Simon Gallick
Join Team Angry and take a completely different approach to things. One being he shares his story. I found that his story and my story are very similar. Being able to identify with someone who has been there and done that makes a huge difference. I never understood hos I'm supposed to trust someone to help me if I don't know anything about them or what they have been through.
Between John, his blog, and his team I always manage to find exatly the wisdom or support I need in any give situation. His “shot glass” style of writing just cuts through all of the BS and delivers an amazing impact. Having access to this community online and on my phone at any time I need it is so valuable
Ted A. Hutton
You know that cycle that comes back with full force each time? I've been there time and time again untill I reached out to Angry. Believe in Angry because he does it even if you don't know how to believe in yourself. Don't hesitate and learn to be alive!!!

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