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You don’t become a man just because you turned eighteen. Being a man is a way of life; it’s about everyday choices that lead you to live toward your potential. If you choose not to embark on this journey, your relationships with your friends and family, your work life, and your ability to create authentic intimacy will never fully be realized. I know. I was a boy most of my life. And as the title of this book suggests, I used to be a miserable f*ck.

My intent in writing this book isn’t to put my definition of a man on you. It’s to create a dialogue and challenge your own beliefs about what it looks like to be a man. This is about being a better version of yourself. It’s about connection. Discovery. Building. It’s about evolving, expanding, and living closer to your truth and potential. Not only for you, but all of us. We need to take back ownership of the role that men play in our world. It’s time for our return.


John Kim, a licensed therapist (also affectionately known as “The Angry Therapist”), pioneered the online life coaching movement in 2011, after going through a divorce which led to an eye-opening re-birth. He quickly built a devoted following of fans who loved the frank and authentic insights that he freely shared on social media. He pulled the curtain back and showed himself by practicing transparency and sharing his story, something therapists are taught not to do. Kim became known as an unconventional therapist who worked out of the box by seeing clients at coffee shops, on hikes, in a CrossFit box. He built a coaching team of his own and launched a sister company called JRNI, creating a new way to help people help people and change the way we change. He lives in Los Angeles.

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